Hey, folks who don't want to look attractive, everybody wants to impress their crush or to look sexier. 

So, today we’ll be talking about 5 ways to look more attractive. Even if you’re not that good looking.

Because we get it… It’s not easy being on the lower end of the attractiveness spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find love.

You just have to work a little harder to get it. And since a lot 

of guys end up mistaking attractiveness with showmanship,
We’ll also be sharing a bonus thing guys do that they think makes them more attractive, but actually makes them look like a hideous monster.

So get ready…

Here are 5 simple ways to look more attractive, the bonus thing guys do that does the opposite.

5. Attention!

If you ever served in the military, you know the importance of standing as straight as possible... Especially when you’re being closely inspected by your Drill Sergeant or superior. Well, women are just like Drill Sergeants because they’ll inspect everything about you with extreme detail… Your posture is no exception. 

And because a girl doesn’t want to introduce a slouchy oaf to her parents... Stand tall and sit straight! They’re just two of the habits women love. Sitting like an 80-year-old man? Not so much...

4. Live, Laugh, Love.

We all want to have a good time with people who are a good time to be with. Which is why YOU need to bring the good times with you wherever you go. So follow those cheesy home decor pieces every suburban mom has in her living room, The ones that say “live, laugh, love.”

It’s ridiculous, but hear us out!... And think about it like this: The more you smile and laugh, the more inviting you look. And as long you actually are inviting and live to meet new people... Everyone, not just women will love spending time with you.

So at the very least, smile more... Because not only will smiling INSTANTLY make you look more attractive, It’s a sneaky way to make any woman like you in under 5 seconds.

3. Responsibility.

Most guys want to meet a woman, get married, have some kids, and live out that American Dream. But far too many guys never bother to prepare for that part with the kids... Which is precisely why you should use items that instantly make you more attractive! And in this case, those items are living, breathing dogs and children. 

Not only will you bond with them, but all the single moms and dog moms will also see you have a sensitive side and can take care of something other than yourself... and trust me girls love that, they will know that you can take care of them and their responsibility as well. 

2. Uplift your Style.

We always say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but according to science... We HAVE to make snap judgment decisions about people because our brains require it. And one of the ways women make those judgments about you is based on how you’re dressed.

It’s no secret that clothes that form to your body are a necessity to looking attractive. But you can elevate your style with accessories, like a watch or jewelry. Always wear atleast a watch guys because it will not only make you more attractive but also make you on time.

1. Make some Change.

Sure, you’re an awesome person and if women would take the time to see it, they’d understand... But if you’ve been turned down by more women than you’ve been on a date with, It's time to do some change in yourself boys, because women want what they want and there's nothing you can do to change that.

And balancing what women want with who you are.. means you have to change a few things about yourself to meet their requirements. It’s not fun to self-reflect and figures out where your problem areas are, But it’s how you grow into a more well-rounded person. By changing what you and women don’t like about yourself, And accepting what you can’t change.


Nice guys like to say that women only date jerks, so what do they do? ...Turn into jerks. So don’t be the nice guy and become a jaded, angry fool every time a girl turns you down. Because you’ll only make life harder on yourself. And all that anger is just plain ugly.

So, if you are a nice guy it's great, that what a girl wants in a guy.

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